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The Game Is 60 Minutes, Lads: Stars 3 - Hawks 5



    Lately the Chicago Blackhawks basically have been comprised of  Rockford Icehogs plus Jonathon Toews and Patrick Sharp. With that make up, you don't complain about getting two points.

    So I won't too much.  But I will.

    The reason I will is that the Hawks for 35 minutes pretty much played the exact game we had all asked them to play.  They got the puck deep into the Stars' zone and simply beat them to it.  Jonathan Toews was literally eating people in his own end, as they all were.  No one loafed back to their own zone.

    And it got them a 4-1 lead that should have been pretty easy to see out. Then about five minutes later we were treated to a shot of Toews barking at his team, and you could clearly read his lips to say ,"Let's (bleeping) finish teams off!"  Couldn't agree more, Captain Marvel.

    After that though, the Hawks pretty much swallowed the Stars in the 3rd.  While they didn't show much attacking flair or create much on their own, Corey Crawford was only required to make one or two tough saves, and no rebound saves.  They were able to keep a pathetic Stars power play at bay. The Hawks' penalty kill has been so "abstract" this year I'll settle for that.

    Dave Bolland continues to break himself from his own enforced shackles. Troy Brouwer is doing a job on the checking line and chipping in with the occasional goal.  Jeremy Morin got his first.  Jack Skille actually went to the net and stayed there, causing Toews's goal.  These are good things.

    Oh, and you're not allowed to complain about the power play. Look who's out there right now and just deal with it.  Thanks for your time.