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The Festivus Pole: Dec. 21st-28th



    It's still the Holiday season, so I can still get away with a Festivus themed best and worst.  Which is awesome, because I haven't really tried to think of anything else.  Everything's coming up Milhouse!  Anyway, to it;

    The Feats of Strength:

    There's only been two games in this span, so the real winner is probably local bar owners with the 'Hawks having three days off.  Anyway...

    Bryan Bickell - Two points and a +3 in these two games against Nashville and Columbus.  The Predators let him line up that Thor's Hammer of a wrist shot, and they paid the price.  But what was most encouraging was Sunday's effort, where Bicks started playing to his size.  He's about a big as the 'Hawks have, and if he could assert himself more he could turn into a real handful. To create Dave Bolland's goal on Sunday Bickell got in behind the Jackets net, made a hit to separate the d-man from the puck and dished to Brouwer who set up Bolland.  More of that, please.

    Marty Turco - Lots of choices for the second slot, so I'm going to go with the weakest choice for that because I'm stubborn. Marty must've been pretty frustrated having to sit on the bench and watch the 'Hawks put forth the defensive effort they refused to give him in front of Corey Crawford for the first three wins of the homestand.  He must've thought he accidentally insulted someone's wife when they once again left him hanging in the 1st period.  But he stood tall, the Hawks eventually rounded into form, and he had less and less to do.  Marty has handled this demotion like a true pro, and from all accounts continues to be a great guy.  He needs to play better, but he's also deserved more help from his mates.  Luckily, these things are linked. 

    The Airing of Grievances

    Bryan Bickell and Dave Bolland - Why, you may ask?  Well, I've ridden these two pretty hardcore in The Committed Indian (buy it outside every home game!  C'mon, my children need wine!)  and at Second City, and now they're making me look stupid.  Which I'm happy to do if it helps the Hawks.  

    But other than that, it's hard to find anything to complain about from these two efforts.