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Patrick Kane Stars in New Gatorade TV Spot



    The NHL may not get the mainstream attention that other sports leagues like the NFL and NBA do, but in a new commercial from one of the most iconic sports-related brands in the world, the Chicago Blackhawks get a nice nod.

    That’s because winger Patrick Kane, fresh off signing an eight-year, $84 million extension to remain with the Blackhawks through the end of the 2022-23 season, is featured prominently in a new TV spot for Gatorade’s new line of protein bars. The ad, which also features Dwyane Wade, Bryce Harper, and JJ Watt, among others, debuted this week:

    Needless to say, Kane didn’t do a ton of acting in this spot, but at least it was a far cry from this ad that I’m sure he and Hawks captain Jonathan Toews would like to forget:

    On Gatorade's website, they also provide a tour of the lockers of some of the athletes featured in the spot, and one of the things in Kane's locker is a sombrero that he got after scoring a hat trick when he played junior hockey: 


    And if you didn't get enough of Kane dancing at the Blackhawks Convention earlier this month, he shows off some more of his moves here: