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One Isn't The Loneliest Number: Hawks 1 - Sharks 2 (OT)



    Before this mini-trip started, I stated that three of four points would be considered a success.  So there's one, right?  Right? 

    The Hawks showed a fair amount of guts last night to get it to OT against the San Jose Sharks, and you could argue that they should have had both points as there's no reason Viktor Stalberg's goal shouldn't have counted.  (Well there is, but we'll get to that later.)

    Corey Crawford had another strong game, though his streak won't continue, though he probably should have gotten across his crease for Clowe's winner a little quicker.  Anyway, other thoughts from the loss:

    -The big controversy was Stalberg's disallowed goal.  From where the ref was positioned, in the corner, there's no way he would have seen the puck squirm through Antti Niemi.  But he should have moved around behind as soon as the shot was taken to see if there was such an occurrence.  Nothing you can do, it was a quick whistle and those happen.

    -While the Hawks are missing two of their big guns, we asked for Jonathan Toews and Patrick Sharp to carry this team.  Toews has held, being The Violator in his own end and skating as if his siblings' life depended on it.  Sharp, on the other hand, hasn't been seen much these past two games.  It's a hard position for Sharp, because he's not a facilitator by nature.  He can create his own shot, but he's much better when someone else does for him.  He's skating with Jeremy Morin and Tomas Kopecky, which does not help his game.  But he is capable of more, and Morin needs his help.

    -Jordan Hendry and John Scott combining for the one goal disproves the existence of a higher being of any kind.  Or it proves there is one with a wicked sense of humor.  You decide.

    -If Cullimore and Boynton aren't going to be able to crack 15 minutes of ice time, than another solution on the third defensive pairing must be found.

    -This kind of effort on Monday will yield a win, as it will most games.  There isn't much to be negative about considering the circumstances.