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Kane to Have Wrist Surgery



    Kane Slim, Trim and Ready for Action

    A summer off in Buffalo has Patrick Kane in great shape and ready to go when the Blackhawks get back to the ice. (Published Wednesday, July 13, 2011)

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    We're big enough to admit when we're wrong.

    Earlier this week, HockeyBuzz blogger John Jaeckel, suggested that Patrick Kane had a bum wrist that would require surgery to correct.

    This blog cautioned readers to take the report with a grain of salt because Jaeckel has a reputation for floating stories.

    In this case, he was right.

    The Blackhawks released a statement Friday

    saying that Patrick Kane does have a bum wrist that will require surgery and 6-8 weeks of rehab:

    Patrick Kane sustained a left wrist injury which came to light recently during his off-season training. He will undergo surgery on Tuesday to repair a scaphoid fracture. We anticipate a full recovery in 6-8 weeks and in time for training camp. We do not anticipate any long-term issues."