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Hawks Play Games with their Lines



    Insanity, it's been said, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  While this will only be the second time that Coach Quenneville rolls out his clown car of a fourth line that only contains two defense-men in Jordan Hendry and John Scott.

    Tthe last time he used this line it resulted in one of the worst losses this year at home to woeful New Jersey.  And that was when Marian Hossa and Patrick Kane were healthy.  So the Hawks will lineup at forward like this:

    Viktor Stalberg-Jonathan Toews-Jack Skille

    Tomas Kopecky-Patrick Sharp-Jeremy Morin (who was recalled today.)

    Bryan Bickell-Dave Bolland-Troy Brouwer

    John Scott-Jake Dowell-Jordan Hendry

    You can expect Hendry and Scott to not even threaten 10 minutes of ice time, which means Toews and Sharp will probably be over 20.  Would having a Ben Smith or Evan Brophey up make a huge difference in a win or a loss tonight?  Probably not, but they would at least bring a familiarity with the position and more energy than two out of position blue-liners will.  Already with one hand tied behind their back, the Hawks have opted to not use the thumb on the free limb tonight.  All this to save $4,000?

    Here's an idea; punt Nick Boynton into the wilderness.  That'll save you way more cash. 

    But I continue to shout at the rain. The Hawks are counting on a heroic effort from Jonathan Toews, with assistance from Patrick Sharp.  They'll need Dave Bolland to once again not give Joe Thornton a sniff.  If it all works, ti'll be one of the more gutsier wins of the past couple years.