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Compliments On A Job ... Done



    Some games just fade into the night without much fanfare or memory.  Such was the case Sudnay night in the Hawks' 3-2 win over the Kings. 

    Two teams showed up, and played a game. One team won the other lost, and everyone went home.  That's what it felt like at least.  The Kings played as if they were looking forward to getting out of the cold, and the Hawks as if they had a dinner reservation.  It's fine, because it ended in two points and that's what matters.  I'll take dozens more of these if that's what it has to be.

    But while we're on the topic of last night's game, here's a few other observations that drill down deeper than aforementioned analysis:

    -Once the Hawks went up 2-1, they were pretty much set out to strangle the game down and win 2-1.  They got lucky to get a third goal when Dave Bolland did his best to biff a 3-on-2, but the puck was fated to find Fernando Pisani who buried it.  But considering the lineup, the team's strength is it's top four defensemen, and they should accentuate that when they can.

    -The first two Hawks goals were provided by Troy Brouwer in front, screening Jonathan Quick.  Brouwer is one of the few Hawk forwards who has the size to be a presence in front, and they need him to do this more often.  While he does have a scoring touch away from the net as well, the Hawks have other players who can do that.  They're scarce in people to blot out the sun.

    -Dave Bolland was sent out against Kings star Anze Kopitar for most of the night and, well, that line didn't score is all we can say. Bolland's line did.  Still, the trio of Justin Williams, Kopitar, and Dustin Brown did manage 7 shots on goal and the CORSI's are ugly, so it's not like they were kept totally at bay.  Still, scoreboard is what matters here.

    -Thanks to my colleague at Second City Hockey Matthew Killion for making me realize that Jonathan Toews has 8 points in the 6 games Patrick Kane has been out.  That's a captain for you.

    That's really all there is.  Last night was just a game the Hawks won.  No color or imagination needed.