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Blackhawks Owner Won't Grow Beard for Playoff Run

The Hawks' owner says he'd rather "write a check than look ridiculous"



    Chicago Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz may be willing to sit in the stands with fans and cheer on the team while they are chasing after their third Stanley Cup championship in five seasons this spring, but there is one way of supporting the team that he won’t be participating in: growing a playoff beard.

    Every playoff season, fans of teams throughout the league throw away their razors and let nature take its course, and whether the result is a full-fledged beard or an embarrassing patchy mess, the tradition has taken hold to such a degree that some charities are actually encouraging fans to grow out beards in exchange for donations to worthy causes.

    Chicago Blackhawks Charities is one of those organizations, encouraging fans to show their team pride and help out a great cause in the process. Wirtz will not be participating however, and there’s a simple reason: he looks silly if he tries to grow a beard. Here’s what he told the Chicago Tribune:

    “No. I look like scooby-doo in a beard. That would be embarrassing. I would look like a drowned rat….I’d rather write a check than make myself look ridiculous.” 

    We’re still trying to figure out what Scooby Doo would look like in a beard (odds are he meant Shaggy, whose randomly placed whiskers make Homer Simpson’s hair look like a lush mane), but the point remains this: Wirtz is happy to support Blackhawks Charities in any way he can, but he’d prefer to look like a clean-shaven businessman instead of a cartoon character.

    Author’s Note: I can’t grow a respectable beard either, but I still give it the old college try every year. For updates on my progress (or lack thereof) during the playoffs, and all sorts of other assorted Blackhawks thoughts, you can follow me on Twitter @jamesneveau.