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Blackhawks Fans Celebrate Outside Coach Q's Home



    Fans "Decorate" Coach Q's House in Celebration

    Video shows fans celebrating the Hawks Stanley Cup victory outside Coach Joel Quenneville's Hinsdale home. (Published Tuesday, June 16, 2015)

    Thousands of Hawks fans spent Monday night celebrating at the United Center and in the streets of Chicago, but out in suburban Hinsdale many gathered outside Coach Joel Quenneville’s home to celebrate the victory in a different way.

    Photos started sprouting on social media showing Quenneville’s home and yard covered in toilet paper as fans gathered to relish yet another Stanley Cup championship. The fans are expected to clean up the scene after the celebrations end.

    Quenneville was spotted Monday night and early Tuesday morning drinking from the Stanley Cup at the United Center and celebrating with fans at the North Side's Lincoln Square Lanes and The MID.

    “We’re very happy, very proud,” Quenneville said after the win.