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Bears Get Spark from Blackhawks Anthem Singer



    When setting the stage for Sunday's divisional playoff game, the Bears took their cue from another Chicago team who just had a successful postseason -- the Blackhawks. The Bears invited Jim Cornelison, the Blackhawks' national anthem singer, to sing the "Star-Spangled Banner" before kickoff, and what resulted was a playoff atmosphere that was magical.

    Cornelison was welcomed with loud cheers, and when Chicago fans heard his familiar voice, they reacted just as if they would if they were a few miles west at the United Center. Fans clapped, cheered and yelled along with Cornelison. The raucous atmosphere was turned up a notch as Cornelison reached the line, "that our flag was still THERE," and did his familiar gesture of pointing to the American flag, which was then followed up with a flyover that perfectly corresponded with the end of the anthem.

    The raucous atmosphere worked, as the Bears started out the game with a three-and-out on defense and a touchdown on offense. With those kind of results, we hope to see Cornelison at the fifty-yard line, microphone in hand, next Sunday.