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Another Senate That Can't Get Anything Done



    As an American citizen, you're probably used to a group of Senators that generally doesn't care, and even when they do, can't get anything productive done.  If these trends continue, you'll see a lot of the same from the Ottawa Senators

    This team is an absolute mess.  The latest example is the GM wanted to fire their coach, Cory Clouston, and was told by the owner Eugene Melnyk wouldn't let him.  Unfortunately for everybody, this story got out into the press, so now you have a dead team coached by a dead coach all overseen by a castrated GM.  It's a wondeful scene.

    The Senators are under .500, which in the NHL -- and especially in the Eastern Conference -- is a real feat.  To boot, their most talented center, Jason Spezza, is out injured, leaving them really short up the middle.  Past him, there's the aging legend of Daniel Alfredsson who has been playing Marian Hossa's game for close to 20 years now.  But he doesn't have a lot of help, and he leads the team with a non-impressive 24 points.

    The Sens have lost three in a row to Columbus, Toronto, and Carolina which won't be described as Murderer's Row any time soon.  Goalie Brian Elliot has been torched in those three, giving up four goals on 31 shots, four on 23, and then topping that off by surrendering three goals on just seven shots last out against hated rival Toronto.

    After getting a complete blue and white beatdown at home, one would think Ottawa should come out with a little piss and vinegar in their step, if indeed that's where you put piss and vinegar.  But it won't take much for this team to chuck it in.  They are second-last in the league in scoring and fifth-worst in keeping you from scoring.  Their defense is comprised of one young stud named Erik Karlsson, a couple other kids who are learning the hard way, a couple journeymen, and one overpaid guy who simply stopped giving a flying in Sergei Gonchar.  But he can hurt you on the power play, which is the only time he shows any want-to.

    The Hawks need a big win here, there's no reason they shouldn't get it if they want it.  Only taking a stupid amount of penalties or floating through yet another night of work could see this get tricky.  But I said that when New Jersey was here, and both times Edmonton came calling.  How'd that work out?