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Small Biz Owners Happier Than Ever: Study



    Bolt Insurance has sent a line out to the small-biz world, and boy are the results kinda weird: Small-business owners, who Bolt says are predisposed to be “some of the most miserable people around,” are in fact quite happy right now. Some key figures from the poll:

    • 7 in 10 entrepreneurs describe themselves as “very happy.”
    • 9 in 10 are happier working for themselves rather than someone else.
    • 61 percent of entrepreneurs believe they are happier than their peers.
    • 97 percent of these people attribute this happiness to a sense of pride and accomplishment.
    • 88 percent of them attribute it to a stronger connection to their customers.

    Among the biggest gripes of the entrepreneur lifestyle:

    • 88 percent say they “can never truly stop” thinking about their business. That actually sounds a little low to me.
    • Roughly half say they have difficulties separating work from their personal lives.
    • 39 percent of entrepreneurs polled work 60 hours or more a week. Again, this sounds a little low to me.

    To read the full study, which is represented in a big ol’ infographic, hop over here.

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