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Motorola to Debut Interactive Print Ad for Moto X



    Motorola to Debut Ineractive Print Ad for Moto X Device

    In next month’s issue of Wired Magainze, Chicago-based Motorola has put together an interactive ad that allows readers to customize their phones on a paper page. (Published Friday, Dec. 20, 2013)

    Motorola is pushing its advertising to a new level to promote its customizable Moto X phone.

    In the January issue of Wired Magazine, the Chicago-based company will debut an interactive ad that features color changing membrane buttons and an ultra slim battery that lets you customize the phone on a paper page.

    Readers can simply push tabs at the bottom of the ad and the phone will change colors on the page.

    The Moto X, considered by some technology experts to be the “iPhone killer,” is built entirely in the United States and features Google technology.

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    Since the phone’s introduction, the customizable element has been at the forefront of what was considered to be a “normal” media campaign. But with the interactive ad, Motorola has clearly upped its game.

    Earlier this week, Motorola announced a new “bamboo” material available for the device.

    “We love to push the envelope and bring you quality materials that have a meaningful purpose or unique sense of style,” the company said in a release. “Moto Maker provides new and unique design opportunities that enable self-expression like never before, so stay tuned for more design options and materials in the new year.”