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Just One Drink: Donald Trump

World's most famous entrepreneur offers business tips and lessons



    Just One Drink: Donald Trump

    Perhaps the most famous boss in the world joins us from Chicago's Trump International Hotel and Tower to discuss his methods behind finding great employees, real-life lessons from "Celebrity Apprentice" and his new neighbor, Derrick Rose. (Published Friday, April 27, 2012)

    Bosses in general can be intimidating. But imagine having a boss like Donald Trump, who has the ability to strike fear in the hearts of mere mortals, regardless of whether it's for reality TV or not.

    But It's a real-life scenario the employees at Chicago's Trump International Hotel and Tower must face when Trump drops in for a visit, as he did recently.

    Trump told us -- over a couple of bottles of Trump Ice water -- that he doesn't worry about his people putting on a "show" when he's around.

    "You start by getting great people to begin with, so when you start there, hopefully you don't have that problem," Trump said.

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    Expecting only the best is a good starting point if you're trying to reach a Trump-like level of success -- whether it's with your employees, or branding your name on a building, a nightclub or vodka.

    As for the "Apprentice" series that has served to make him even more famous, Trump says that even though it's a made-for-TV show, there are some real-life take-aways you can incorporate into everyday business.

    "I think (people) fail because they give up, or they quit, even in a minor form, they quit. The ones that really make it are the ones that never quit. They're all smart or they wouldn't be there, but some just have more drive," Trump says.

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    And the rest, you guessed it -- often end up fired.

    Video shot by Summer Nettles and Onasis Odelmo, photos courtesy Cindy Barrymore.