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Biz Tip: How to Connect with Service Providers



    The notion of busting out the Yellow Pages and calling all the listings relevant to your particular needs doesn't just seem antiquated in this information age -- it's obsolete.

    But say you need a lawyer, accountant or a consultant and don't want to fritter away precious man-hours finding one and then subsequently haggling over a rate.

    The Wall Street Journal recently identified a local company that addresses this very issue: allows individuals and businesses to connect with service providers, and lets the seeker set the price.

    Here's how it works: Put out a bid for what you need (which is free), and wait for the professionals to come out of the woodwork. Find the one you want, send them a personalized fee and get what you want.

    Not bad at all -- and beats getting a hernia from lugging out the phone book. 

    Read the full piece at the Wall Street Journal.