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Groupon Watch: $540 Million IPO On the Way



    Groupon’s IPO is on the way, priced at $16-$18 per share, according to reports.

    It’s not at the wildly optimistic levels of months ago, but here in the Midwest, we appreciate realism. And its losses – of course – aren’t as dire as first reported.

    Also, Andrew Mason joins the ranks of Ask Men’s list of influential people. He joins Steve Jobs (No. 1), New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Warren Buffet. One can only guess if Mason is getting a chuckle out of this, or if he's actually flattered (we’re guessing it was the former).

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    • “Very, very unattractive” IPO to raise up to $540 million (or more), according to filing. (Reuters)
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    • We were resisting this, but gave in: Andrew Mason is ranked 13 on the Ask Men list of influential men. Steve Jobs is No. 1. (Zimbio
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