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Go to There: Public Hearing For Retailers on Deducting Costs from Gross Receipts



    Okay, so this is perhaps going to sound a little dry and maybe even a little technical and boring, but it's important: On August 21, the department of revenue will be holding a public hearing on the proposed amendments to the Retailers' Occupation Tax. The hearing will be at the department's headquarters on 101 W. Jefferson St. in Springfield. I know. It's a schelp. But it might be worth it because the hearing is concerning amendments that will prevent retailers from deducting shipping and handling costs from their taxable gross receipts on or after October 1st.

    So, ask yourself: Do you like deductions on your taxes?

    Really, ponder it.

    Then consider if a drive to Springfield will cost you more or less than what that change to your taxes might do. You can also elect to present testimony at the hearing by submitting a written summary to the department on or before August 10 to this address:

    Debra Boggess at Legal Services Division, Illinois Department of Revenue
    101 W. Jefferson Street
    Springfield, IL 62794

    Or, you can also call 217-782-2844. So, there you have it.


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