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Fannie May Recalls 12,000 Boxes of Chocolates



    Fannie May Confections is recalling 12,000 boxes of chocolates because one of the chocolates inside contains peanuts, a fact that isn't reflected on the packaging.

    The company announced the recall Wednesday and it started pulling the red heart-shaped gift boxes off the market the same day. The boxes weigh four ounces each and contain eight chocolates, including the peanut/caramel candy. They had been sold since Jan. 10 in up to 450 stores, including Walgreens, Hallmark Gift Shops and Jewel Grocers, in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

    Fannie May says it is aware of one customer who had an allergic reaction.

    The first Fannie May chocolate store opened in 1920 in Chicago.