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Cutler Rumored to be "Working it Out" With Cavallari



    The Packers may need to send a thank you note to Kristin Cavallari.

    The 27-17 loss against the Packers last Sunday left a lot of us in Chicagoland questioning Bears quarterback Jay Cutler's performance. Was his head in the game? Perhaps the better question: were his feet on the ground?

    On Monday, People magazine announced there may be bigger issues to Cutler's life, like reuniting with reality star Kristin Cavallari. The magazine, citing a source, said the pair were "working things out."

    The couple separated, ending an engagement in July after dating for seven months prior to the engagement. Rumors cited a Life and Style photo shoot ,which featured Cavallari in multiple wedding gowns, as fuel to the split.

    Cold feet, Jay?

    Cavallari, a current Dancing With The Stars contestant, was reported to be absolutely devastated.

    We know how you feel Kristin. We were devastated after that loss Sunday.

    Not to worry though. People's source confirms the two are "talking a lot." Cavallari even tweeted a picture of herself watching the game Sunday and wearing a Bears sweatshirt.

    I think she is focused on the game.