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How Do the Bears Fare in Madden '12?



    With Madden '12 coming out on Wednesday, Grizzly Detail has the goods on how good the Bears are and which players will soon be your favorite.

    Considering my best video game-playing days involved knocking out Glass Joe and King Hippo, I enlisted the help of a gaming expert in reviewing EA Sports' latest version of their wildly popular video game: Madden.

    That expert? My nine-year-old nephew Payton. He is a huge Bears fan and loves to play video games, so he's perfect for the assignment.

    Who is the best Bears player on Madden?
    Matt Forte. He's a beast and he breaks tackles. He's superfast. Not as good at receptions, but he can easily break into the open field for the run. He uses spin moves to break free from defenders.

    Who else is good? Hester does a great job at making tough catches for a touchdown. Julius Peppers is the best on defense. He is good at bullrushing the quarterback and can break through double-teams. Urlacher is the best at getting tackles.

    Who is the worst Bears player? Jay Cutler and the offensive line. The line doesn't block for Cutler and gets sacked a ton, like in real life. With Cutler, he is slow to release the ball. Interceptions are not a problem for Cutler, but sacks are.

    What is the best mode for the Bears?
    It's fun to play the Bears in mini-games, with three-on-three practices that let Forte excel. The franchise mode is fun, too, because you can build the team you want within the confines of a salary cap. That means Cutler doesn't have to be the quarterback.

    What will make Bears fans unhappy?
    As the game loads, Aaron Rodgers dives into the end zone over Lance Briggs. It should be noted that the image is from the game that the Bears beat the Packers.

    What else do we need to know?
    You can play in the Super Bowl against whoever you want, which is something that Bears fans want to see. The Bears have a rating of 85, which makes them below the Packers who are at 92, the highest in the league, but better than the Vikings at 74 and the Lions at 76. Forte and Peppers help with that rating.