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How Bears Fans Could Help Land Plax



    Chicagoans, if you want to see recently unjailed receiver Plaxico Burress in the navy and orange, you have to speak up. Not to the Bears brass, but to Plax himself.

    Since leaving prison, Burress has taken to Twitter and likes to hear from the fans. On Thursday evening, he tweeted: "Chicago??? I Appreciate the love! I do know one thing, the food there is muy deliciouso!"

    That's true, Plax. We do know how to eat well in this city. We have the best from fine dining to the hot dog stand. Ask Jay Cutler, who has an affinity for Mastro's Steakhouse.

    Oh, wait he already did.

    "What's up @jaycutler6?" Plax tweeted.

    Well, that was quick, Plax, but you should know Cutty doesn't answer tweets all that often.

    But Cutler is diabetic, so he might shortchange you on some of the best treats. Then again, you seem to get it.

    "By the way, I'm addicted to Garretts Popcorn!" Plax tweeted, again. "The Chicago mix cheddar and caramel! Unreal!!"

    Plax, it doesn't seem like you need much convincing.

    You know how your length and height could fill a need, and you know that you'll eat better in Chicago than you will any other place in the league. What more do you need?

    "Philly fans or Chicago fans? That's a tough one ..."

    Seriously, Plax? It's not a tough one. You could live in a city where we are crazy about our Bears and show up in any weather to support them, or you could play in the kind of place where they cancel a game for a little bit of snow. You could have overrated Philly cheesesteaks or Italian beef, Chicago-style hot dogs, deep-dish pizza and Garrett's popcorn. You want to be here.

    But in case Plax still needs convincing, Bears fans, he wants to hear from you. Tweet the man and tell him how much he would love playing at Soldier Field.

    Or tweet @grizzly_detail make your case for plax.