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Worst Five Moments from Bears Season



    Though the Bears season was a success, it was also a roller coaster. There were plenty of down moments throughout the season.

    5. Seahawks score a safety against the Bears -- Chicago's O-line troubles can be summed up in this play that put Seattle ahead by two in their regular season game. The Bears were pinned in their own end zone. On first down, Matt Forte couldn't gain any yardage, keeping the Bears in the end zone. Second down, Cutler was sacked and fumbled the ball. He recovered the ball, but the damage was gone. Two points, Seattle.

    4. Defense gives up 36 to New England -- After a productive bye week, the Bears won five straight games. The vaunted Patriots would test the defense, but Chicago would be up to the task, right? Wrong. With snow swirling around Soldier Field, the Pats whipped the Bears 36-7. Tom Brady was sacked three times, but that didn't keep him from throwing for 369 yards and two touchdowns.

    3. Cutler throws four interceptions to the same Redskin -- Considering how in sync Jay Cutler was with Washingtoncornerback DeAngelo Hall, the Bears might want to consider trading for him and putting Hall on offense. Cutler's mistakes were so frustrating because he repeated them. He kept jamming the ball into spots where it would be unlikely that one of his receivers would come up with it. 

    2. Giants sack Cutler nine times in the first half --
    This one hurt. After somehow putting together an undefeated run at the beginning of the season, the Giants brought the Bears back to Earth. The offensive line was broken apart by the Giants pass rush, and Cutler was knocked to the ground again and again. He sustained a concussion and left the game after the first half.

    1. Bears knocked out of playoffs by the (ugh) Packers -- It's hard to pick out what was the worst part of this game. Was it the Bears defense letting Aaron Rodgers march down the field to score easily in their first possession? Was it Johnny Knox and Devin Hester's ineffectiveness? Was it Jay Cutler's knee injury and then the vultures who attacked him without knowing the facts? Or was it the fact that it was a loss to the Packers? All of those moments wrapped up to make a horrible end to an overachieving season by the Bears.