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Williams And Harris Hoping for Fantasy Wins, Too



    Hitman Chris Harris Not Surprised by Victory

    The Bears safety says Lovie Smith prepares his teams better than many people think. (Published Monday, Sept. 12, 2011)

    If you're one of the millions of people who play fantasy football, you were likely just as tuned into the statistics from Sunday's games as the score. If you have Tom Brady, Cam Newton or Wes Welker, you're smiling. Steven Jackson or Peyton Manning? Not so much.

    Two of those avid fantasy football players? Bears Roy Williams and Chris Harris.

    Williams, who had four catches for 55 yards on Sunday, was pleased with the performance of the Bears defense. Not only did it help Chicago win, but the Bears D also helped Williams out in fantasy standings. He told ESPN Chicago that he used his "inside info" when drafting his fantasy team.

    "If you watched us at practice, our defense ... I picked our defense in my fantasy league," Williams said Monday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "That's because I see them everyday, and I know what they are capable of. 

    Harris, a starter on defense, was thwarted by a rival league member during their draft. Someone else picked the Bears defense, and Harris was forced to choose another high-ranking defense: The Packers. Though drafting the Bears No. 1 rival may cause a few raised eyebrows, you can't get personal with your fantasy team. However,

    Harris told Sports Sunday that he will sit anyone that faces the Bears. This weekend, he missed out on 12 points (by standard Yahoo! Sports scoring) by sitting Michael Turner. The Falcons running back gained 100 yards on the ground and 40 by air. 

    So if you get angry at any player for torpedoing your team, take solace in the fact that the Bears are angry about the same thing.