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Why the Bears Believe Sunday's Win in Dallas Was a Statement Game



    "Every week is a statement" said linebacker Lance Briggs said in a locker room of victorious Bears. Some are more significant than others.

    The Bears came into the Big D and upset the Cowboys in their home opener, where the pressure on the Cowboys to win was as big as the Lone Star state itself.

    After the upset the Bears called it a signature game.

    "At halftime we talked to the guys about putting our name behind that second half performance and really the entire game," Smith said during post game press conference.

    It was a game for the stars to earn their money and star Quarterback Jay Cutler, star Offensive Line Coach Mike Tice and star Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz all earned their keep.

    "We knew we were going to get their best punch early," Jay Cutler said, "(Dallas) was coming off a tough loss and they wanted to put up a good show here at home."

    After losing left tackle Chris Williams to a hamstring injury in the 1st series, Offensive line coach Tice moved Kevin Shaffer in and then switched him with Frank Omiyale at Right Tackle. 

    Cutler was asked after the game if losing his left tackle was a "top 5" concern. 

    "It's in the top 1!" Cutler said. 

    Martz made changes on the fly, too.  With the line dwindling and DeMarcus Ware drooling, Cutler scrambled for his life.  Martz switched up the plays for quicker quarterback drops, slants, and screens.
    "We thought the next best thing was to empty it out and see if they wanted to blitz or empty out soft and get it out quick" Cutler explained. 

    It wasn't a 400 yard performance, but Cutler threw for 277 yards, 3 touchdowns and zero interceptions, for a passer rating of 136.7.  He remains unbeaten when his passer rating is over 100.
    The Bears defense also earned its keep with multiple turnovers and lots of hard hits. Briggs said those hard hits were the real statement.

    "That's the tone we want to make" Linebacker Lance Briggs said, "If guys are going to catch the ball, we want to punish them."

    And the Bears are "just" 2-0 heading into a matchup with the Packers on Monday Night Football. They'd like to come back to Dallas the week of February 6, 2011 when North Texas hosts Super Bowl XLV.

    "We expected to win, we expected to come in here and do this," safety Chris Harris said.  "Hopefully we'll be back."