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Why Lucky Bears Are Better Than Good Bears



    Before the season began, Lovie Smith must have made a deal with the devil. 

    It's the only explanation for the way this season has gone.  Deal with the devil, enchanted monkey's paw, genie in a lamp, what ever your fantastic device, the Bears have employed it enroute to a 6-3 and a shot at the division crown.

    Just think about it. The Calvin Johnson phantom TD from Game One. Expected Super Bowl contenders Minnesota and Dallas suffering sudden and inexplicable season-long collapses. The Green Bay gift fumble that mysteriously stayed in-bounds. The Panthers being the Panthers. The Bills being the Bills.

    And if that's not enough evidence, consider that the Bears' next opponent, Miami, lost two quarterbacks to season-ending injuries last week.  We haven't seen this kind of divine intervention since the Red Sea pedway.

    This year's Bears team is leading a charmed life. Batted balls land in blue and orange hands.  Opposing special teams forget that Devin Hester is considered fast. Winds swirl and injuries pile up just when the Bears need them. Could it be? Could this be the year of destiny?

    Time will tell.  We're not sure if Lovie's deal with the dark lord includes a mid-season fiddling contest for Julius Peppers' soul. Or maybe the weird spaceship saucer section of Soldier Field is emanating the same energy that made all the old people feel young in "Cocoon."  That could run out.  Maybe this is all a dream and we'll wake up to learn Leonardo DiCaprio implanted this season in our heads.

    All I'm saying is, this season doesn't add up. On second thought, who cares? Let's just enjoy the ride.