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Who Will Be Cutler's Favorite Target?



    Outside of ex-fiancee Kristin Cavallari -- whom Jay Cutler is reportedly trying to win back -- the QB has many targets to focus on this season. Between new members of the team and the tried-and-true receivers he has worked with the past two years, who will be Cutler's favorite target? Grizzly Detail ranks each player's likelihood.

    1. Roy Williams -- Williams played under Mike Martz while in Detroit, and already understands the ins and out of his complicated offense. Williams has shown a comfort with Cutler throughout training camp, and is showing that he will be the go-to wideout.

    2. Matt Forte -- Last season, he showed that he can be a threat both as a running back and a wide receiver, turning short screen passes into large gains on several occasions. Don't expect that to change this season.

    3. Devin Hester
    -- The best thing for Hester is a good balance of WR reps and kick returns. The Bears have said they expect for him to be a big part of the offense again, but not at the expense of his ability to change a game with kick returns.

    4. Earl Bennett -- Remember how he and Cutler hit a smooth spot last season, an every time the Bears needed a big catch, Bennett came through? Like his crucial performances in wins over Philadelphia and Detroit? Yeah, the injuries he dealt with last season are healed up, and expect Bennett to still play a crucial role in the offense.

    5. Johnny Knox -- Was Knox demoted from his starting spot? Yes. Does that mean he's irrelevant to the Bears offense going forward? Naw, playa. He still has ridiculous speed, as he showed during the first preseason game, and he can get downfield for long bombs better than anyone else on the team.

    6. Matt Spaeth -- Greg Olsen caught more touchdown passes from Cutler than any other Bear, but with his trade, expect the Bears to move towards using the new tight end from Pittsburgh more for blocking than receiving.

    7. Mike Martz -- If only Cutler could throw to his favorite coach.

    8. Dane Sanzenbacher -- Rejoice, Buckeyes! Your boy Sanzenbacher has been turning heads. He is not guaranteed a spot on the team, but he's had a great camp so far.

    9. Staley the Bear -- Double-0 wants his shot. He has a low center of gravity and has a hard time getting open, but he can carry roughly half the team on his back and still make it to the end zone. That's good hustle.