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Who Stuck Out in Painful Loss?



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    The hall of fame d-lineman says the Bears have made a number of poor moves. (Published Monday, Dec. 5, 2011)

    If you're having a hard time talking about the Bears game without A) raging like the Hulk, B) Throwing up your hands in disgust or C) Gazing into the distance while repeating, "It's all over" at a barely audible tone, don't fret. You're not alone. We all feel that way. But talking about the loss will help us get through it, so let's break down the negatives and positives.

    Grizzly Bears -- The Bears who ate the Chiefs like an order of Gates' ribs:

    Marion Barber -- After Forte left the game, the Bears turned to Barber. The man who stars in short yardage situations handled 14 carries. Though 44 yards may seem low for that many carries, see the note below on the offensive line.

    Israel Idonije -- On a day that the Bears defense was lackluster, Izzy stood out. He came up with a sack and six tackles.

    Craig Steltz -- Filling in after Major Wright injured his shoulder, Steltz had 10 tackles and a forced fumble.

    Teddy Bears -- The Bears who were overpowered by the BBQ scent:

    Offensive line -- With Jay Cutler under center, the offensive line was playing at their highest level. With Hanie? Not so much. Hanie was sacked seven times. The team only came up with 93 rushing yards. Even before Forte's injury, he had five carries. He only came up with 12 yards.

    Caleb Hanie -- The back-up QB was put in a rough position, but it's the job he signed up for. He needs to make better decisions. He needs to get rid of the ball more quickly. He needs to hit his receivers. He needs to keep the team afloat.

    Roy Williams -- To get the Bears to the playoffs, every player has to do their job. Roy Williams' job is to catch passes. He didn't do that on Sunday. Not only did he not catch a single pass, he bobbled an end zone pass into the arms of three different Chiefs defenders.

    Robbie Gould -- ROBBIE GOULD, PEOPLE. The automatic kicker. The man the Bears can count on in the worst of times missed a 41-yard field goal that's normally a gimme for him. If he would have made that kick, and Williams would have caught that pass, the Bears would have escaped with a win.

    Brian Urlacher -- Though it may seem that Urlacher is on this list because of how he batted a ball right into the hands of the Chiefs Dexter McCluster, giving the Chiefs a touchdown. Truth is, he played the ball exactly as he should. 99 times out of 100, it works in the Bears favor. No, Urlacher is on the list because he made just two tackles, well below his average.