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Who Stood Out in the Bears Win?



    Hamp and Crew Break Down the Win

    The Sports Sunday crew can barely hide their jubilation over a dominant Chicago win. (Published Monday, Nov. 14, 2011)

    Everything about the Bears win over the Lions was memorable, but who had performances that truly stood out? Take a closer look at Peanut, Hester, Pep and Cutty with help from "The Lion King."

    Grizzly Bears -- the players who turned the Detroit into Simba and Nala at the beginning of "The Lion King."

    Charles Tillman
    -- Peanut had the job of stopping Calvin Johnson, one of the league's most dangerous receivers. He held "Megatron" to seven catches and 81 yards. It was the first time in four games that Johnson had less than 110 yards. Tillman added to his domination with an interception and 44 yard return for a touchdown.

    Devin Hester -- My allergies are bothering me this morning, and I'm considering taking the afternoon off. Devin Hester had the flu and a sore ankle all week, and ran for 122 return yards, including an 82-yard touchdown return. The man is absolutely breathtaking.

    Julius Peppers -- Speaking of breathtaking, Peppers pulled out a vintage performance against the Lions. He had one sack for an 11-yard loss, but he kept Matthew Stafford on the run all day long. In one play, he was lined up as a tackle and forced Stafford to roll out to the right. Peppers then threw off a defender and ran Stafford off to the left side of the field. If you just watched him on every defensive play, you would still walk away from a game entertained.

    Earl Bennett -- Though the offense was quiet, Bennett and his bright orange shoes had six catches for 81 yards. He caught every ball that came his way. Jay Cutler offered to pay the fines for those shoes after Bennett's performances, but it might be the last time we see them. After Bennett asked over Twitter if he should keep wearing the shoes, Cutler replied, "No no. Those guys are retired. They had a good run."

    D.J. Moore: Look, we're not advocating starting fights, but when a fight is started, it's not the job of a Bear to walk away. Moore -- and the rest of the defense -- wasn't ready to put up with the Lions dirty play.

    Teddy Bears -- Like Pumbaa and Timon, the Bears who were scared of Scar.

    Jay Cutler and Matt Forte: The offense barely made a blip in the Bears 37-13 win. Cutler threw for 123 yards, just one more than Devin Hester compiled on returns. One of the few successes that Detroit did have was stopping Forte. Knowing what an effective weapon he can be, they focused on stopping him at the line of scrimmage. He picked up just 64 yards.

    But that's okay. The Bears defense and special teams were so good that the offense didn't have to come up with their best against a 6-2 team, and the Bears still scored 37 points. Cutler laughed about it after the game.

    "Didn’t have to do a whole lot. Hand it off, complete a few passes early on. The way the defense was playing and Devin (Hester) setting us up with that score we were limited in our action."

    A huge win when the two best players on offense get less than 200 yards? That's the mark of a playoff team.