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Who Is The Bears MVP?



    Before playoffs start, who would you say is the regular season MVP for the Bears?

    Jay Cutler:
    Pros: The quarterback is capable of completely changing a game with one throw. Against the Jets, he orchestrated a comeback with three touchdown passes in the third quarter. He also added scrambling to his arsenal this season, picking up 232 rushing yards. He's matured as a leader, and is completely capable of leading the Bears to playoff success.
    Cons: He's a risk-taker, meaning that those 40-yard passes can become breathtaking touchdowns or gut-wrenching interceptions. Not only that, but his tendency to hold onto the ball for too long means sacks, and all too often, sacks for huge losses.

    Matt Forte:
    Pros: The third-year running back emerged from his sophomore slump to become a crucial part of the Bears success. He finished the regular season with 1,616 yards from scrimmage -- 1,069 rushing and 547 receiving -- and nine touchdowns. He has also improved drastically on fumbles, cutting his number of fumbles in half from six to three, even though he had his hands on the ball more this season.
    Cons: It took him a while to get started. He averaged under three yards a carry in his first four games, and against the Seahawks in week six, he had just 1.4 yards per carry. Ouch.

    Brian Urlacher:
    Pros: After a season-ending wrist injury in 2009, Urlacher came back to lead the team in tackles with 126. He also had four sacks, an interception, 10 broken up passes and two forced fumbles.
    Cons: As Urlacher goes, so goes the defense. In four of the Bears five losses, Urlacher had just six or fewer tackles. When he's on, the whole defense is on. When he's not, look out.

    Julius Peppers:

    Pros: Before Peppers, the Bears defense ranked 21st in the league. After Peppers, they ranked fourth. Yes, he had eight sacks for 54 yards lost, 54 tackles, two interceptions and nine broken up passes, but the numbers hardly encompass the impact he's had on the Bears D. With Peppers around, Israel Idonije has flourished, picking up eight sacks. Lanes have opened for linebackers and the defensive tackles, allowing the Bears to sack the quarterback 34 times.
    Cons: In some games, he tends to disappear. Against the Jets, he had one tackle. He made two tackles against Seattle.