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What's Next for Urlacher?



    Now that Brian Urlacher is done with his football-playing days, will he retire down to Del Boca Vista and work on his shuffleboard game? Perhaps buy an Airstream trailer and tour the country? He has plenty of options open to him.

    Broadcasting is already an option. Urlacher appeared on the local Fox channel's sports show for years, and Fox executives have already reached out to say he would be welcome on their network. Urlacher told the Chicago Tribune that he would be open to it, but he has to work on it.

    "I don’t know how good I’d be at that," Urlacher said. "It would take a lot of work to get me ready for it. But that might be something I look into."

    He has already shown to be a bankable star as a pitchman. Perhaps he could expand on the commercias he has already done for Mastercard, McDonald's, Domino's Pizza, Comcast, Nike, Campbell's Chunky soup, Old Spice, and Glacéau.

    A leader like Urlacher would be welcome as a coach, but after the grueling life of playing football, he may not want the even more grueling life of coaching football. NFL coaches routinely put in 80-90 hour weeks during the season.

    His brother was recently elected mayor of Mettawa, Ill. Casey could follow in the Chicago way and give his brother a job.

    Or maybe after 13 years of football, he has earned a condo at Del Boca Vista. Nothing is wrong with taking some time off and enjoying the break.