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What the Bears Did on Their Summer Vacation



    Chicago Bears players enjoyed an extended summer break thanks to the (insert expletive) lockout of 2011.

    Nearly all of the players used the time to continue to work out because, as DT Henry Melton told Grizzly Detail, "You never knew when the lockout was going to end.

    But a few players used the time to enjoy their favorite non-football activities.

    Sam Hurd, a new wide receiver who previously played with Dallas, traveled during his off time.

    "I took a trip to London.," he said. "Took the family to London, backpacked with a couple friends, and had a great time. I'm a museum freak. I love to go to all the museums."
    But checking out jolly old England wasn't the only exciting part of Hurd's vacation.

    "I also went deep-sea fishing. I didn't do good, but that wasn't the point for me to do good. I was too scared! What if I catch something big, then I've got to try to reel this thing in! I see too much YouTube. I see marlins try to jump up and almost kill people. I don't want any part of that. I just want to be able to have that notch on my kick-the-bucket list."

    Hurd is not the only fisherman on the team. Cornerback Zack Bowman spent plenty of time with a reel and rod.

    "I did a lot of fishing with my family. Bass, crappie, everything. I was in South Carolina, Nebraska, and Houston," quipped the DB.

    Defensive end Corey Wootton spent much of the summer cheering on fiancee Felicia Chester as she transitioned from playing basketball for DePaul to the WNBA -- she is now headed overseas. He didn't do much wedding planning, or pull any crazy stunts.

    "I didn't do anything," Wootton said. "Just hung around here. Worked out. Went back home to New Jersey a couple of times. Nothing too crazy." 

    Wootton is not alone in having a low-key summer. Melton, Andy Fantuz, Chris Harris and Gabe Carimi all said that their summers were about working out and getting ready for the season.

    So if any Bears ask you to spend time with them next summer, you should stick with Hurd. You'll have a better story to tell at the end of the day.