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What Is Jerry Angelo Thinking With Anderson Stunt?



    What Is Jerry Angelo Thinking With Anderson Stunt?
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    Jerry Angelo

    The Chicago Bears Tuesday parted ways with defensive end Mark Anderson.

    Releasing Anderson could be considered a white flag from Bears GM Jerry Angelo, admitting that after Anderson had a breakout rookie season with 12 sacks, he never really blossomed into the defensive end that Angelo hoped for.

    Bears fans have to wonder -- what is Angelo thinking?

    Before the 2010 season, Angelo cut Alex Brown, confident that Anderson was finally ready for the starting position. Not only was Brown a reliable player -- notching six sacks and 37 tackles last season -- but he was a leader of the Bears defensive line. Angelo put all his faith in Anderson and the newly-signed Julius Peppers to anchor the Bears defensive line. Peppers has worked out so far, but Bears fans have to wonder how much more successful Peppers would be with a veteran like Brown on the other end of the line.

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    Not only that, but the defensive line is hardly the Bears glaring weakness. Despite the fact that the Bears lead the league in sacks given up, Angelo and Lovie Smith have focused their management on  the D-line instead of the O-line. Between Tommie Harris' benching, cutting Anderson and signing UFL vet Charles Grant, the Bears brass have spent most of the season working on the line that is doing its job.

    The Bears have the ninth-best defense in the league, giving up 17 points a game. The Bears offensive line has given up 18 sacks in four games. With the health of Jay Cutler -- the franchise quarterback -- on the line, Angelo and Smith would be wise to spend more time fixing the line that is so obviously broken.