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What You Need to Know Before About the Bears' Pre-Season Game in Oakland



    The Bears play their third pre-season game on Friday night in Oakland. This is traditionally the biggest game of the pre-season, when the starters get the most playing time. What do you need to know before watching?

    Will Cutler share with all of his friends? Sharing is caring, but in the last pre-season game, Jay Cutler only threw to Brandon Marshall. Nothing had changed from last season. Since Cutler is playing the entire first half tonight, will he try spreading the wealth? 

    Can the rookies continue to impress? Kyle Long, Jon Bostic and Jordan Mills have all made serious plays for starting jobs. They need another strong outing to show they can handle the pressure of starting.

    Will Peppers play? On the other side of the spectrum, perennial Pro Bowl defensive lineman Julius Peppers hasn't played a snap in the pre-season. He may play on Friday night to get his timing back.

    Who will save their jobs? The Bears will have to cut the roster from 90 to 75 on Tuesday. In the second half, several players will be working to keep their job. Watch to see who impresses and who will be looking for work next week.

    Drink some coffee before the game. With the game taking place in Oakland, it doesn't kick off until 9 p.m. here in Chicago.

    Also, if you have friends in Oakland, be nice and update them on the game from time to time. The game is blacked out there because Friday night's game is not sold out.