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What We Hope Happens During Bears' White House Visit



    The 1985 Bears are getting to finally take their Super Bowl trip to Washington to visit the Bears-Fan-in Chief, President Obama. Though we have no doubt they'll be on their best behavior, they are a team known as much for their behavior off the field as their domination on it.

    Here's what we hope will happen during their White House visit:

    Jim McMahon will finally own the Punky QB tag, and show up to the White House in a pink-mohawks, spiked leather jacket and a dog collar.

    Richard Dent, still wearing his yellow Hall-of-Fame coat, will try to work the words "Hall of Fame" into every conversation.

    Willie Gault will fill in as a Secret Service person. He's in the shape to do it, and even once did a cameo as a Secret Service agent for President Jed Bartlett on "West Wing."

    Steve McMichael will break at least one priceless antique in the East Room. If anybody can do it and get away with the crime with a devious smile, it's Mongo.

    Mike Singletary's eyes will be employed in the War on Terror.

    Kevin Butler, eager to show that he's "still got it," will start a kicking competition in the Rose Garden. While his leg still has plenty of strength, he has lost aim over the years, and ends up killing an heirloom rose bush planted by Eisenhower.

    The offensive line will line up to give just one snap to the Pres. You know he wants to do it.

    Mike Ditka will lead meetings in the Cabinet Room and the Situation Room, and the war and recession will end instantly.