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What Do You Need to Know About the Titans?



    The Bears head to Nashville on Sunday to play the 3-5 Titans. They have had flashes of brilliance, but otherwise have looked like a 3-5 team. What more do you need to know about the Bears' Sunday opponent?

    Multimillion-dollar man: Highly-paid running back Chris Johnson started out the year badly. Like, four of the starting five games with less than 25 yards bad. But he made up for it with 141 yards against Houston, and 198 against Buffalo. It's hard to tell exactly which Johnson will show up against the Bears on Sunday, but he is capable of quite a bit of damage.

    More Hasselbeck: Despite some injury problems early on, Matt Hasselbeck is still the perfectly serviceable quarterback he's been for years. His passer rating remains hovering right around 63, which isn't great but not deplorable. The big difference with Hasselbeck this season is that he is much more fumble-prone than in previous seasons.

    Derelict defense: The Titans' defense is not good. They are ranked 31st in the NFL for points allowed, giving up 32.1 points and 421.3 yards per game. Perhaps it's because they have only sacked the quarterback 11 times, also ranking them in the bottom five of the NFL. Kamerion Wimbley was the Titans big off-season acquisition, but he has just 2.5 sacks so far.

    Hobbled line: The Titans offensive line has been through many, many injuries. But they aren't quite falling apart yet, because Hasselbeck has been sacked just 12 times in six games.

    Who are these guys again? The Bears have played the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans just 10 times. They have only faced each other twice in the Lovie Smith Era.