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    Do you want to spend Sunday night watching television with a Bear? Join Twitter, and you can. Chris Harris hosts what he calls "Club TCAP" every Sunday, and you can join in from your couch.

    Harris is a fan of "To Catch a Predator," the MSNBC Dateline show that features Chris Hansen trying to catch sexual predators in the act. Harris shares his fanhood every Sunday night on Twitter, making fun of the different predators for their stupidity while also cheering on law enforcement officials and Hansen for catching these idiots.

    Some tweets from the latest Club TCAP:

    ChrisHarrisNFL: Sooooo ur worried about ur mom taking away ur old r u again? #CLUBTCAP

    ChrisHarrisNFL:Dude please learn u never resist arrest, nothing good can ever come from that #ClubTCAP

    ChrisHarrisNFL: Hahahahahaahhahaha Man shout out to the EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE MEN AND WOMEN OF FORT MYERS POLICE DEPT #ClubTCAP 

    But what's cool about Club TCAP is not that Harris loves "To Catch a Predator," because who wouldn't like a show that's designed to keep children safe from sexual predators. (Besides sexual predators.) It's that Harris has opened the door for fans to watch with him. He responds to fans and friends throughout the show and joins in on their disgust for each predator's motives. 

    That's exactly what makes Twitter so fun for a sports fan. It allows fans to see a relaxed side of their favorite athletes, and lets the athletes interact with fans on their own terms, which sometimes includes watching a cult-hit TV show together.

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