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Urlacher the NFC Defensive Player of the Month



    Brian Urlacher was named the NFC Defensive player of the month, meaning that the Bears have owned the winter on defense. Julius Peppers earned that honor for November.

    Urlacher is in the top 10 for tackles. In his eleventh season in the league, Urlacher has improved as the season has gone on. He hit double digits in tackles against the Eagles, Dolphins and Patriots. He also had a sack and a half in December.

    Peppers arrival to the offense was key to the Bears success, but Urlacher's renaissance should not be ignore. In 2008, the season before his injury, Urlacher struggled. He had just 93 tackles when he had normally hit the 120 mark, and didn't even garner a single sack. The Bears would not be relaxing the week off before the playoffs if it wasn't for his return to form.