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Urlacher Doesn't Give a Toot



    After the Bears convincingly dismantled Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles, Brian Urlacher was asked by NBCChicago's Peggy Kusinski if this would make the NFL community respect them.

    Urlacher's reply: "I don't give a (bleep), Peggy, to tell you the truth."

    It's on.

    Most of the league wants respect.  It's why Jerry Jones built that enormous stadium.  It's why Dan Snyder blows millions on free agents.  It's why Chad Johnson changed his name to Chad Ochocinco.  They want to be talked about.  They want to be revered.  They want to be set apart from their peers.

    Brian Urlacher doesn't give a (bleep).

    Players chase records.  Coaches chase vanity victories with gaudy scores.  Fans chase hot new rookies with the new must-have jersey.

    Brian Urlacher doesn't give a (bleep).

    People respect Peyton Manning.  He is ranked No. 8 of the top 100 NFL players of all time.  He also threw four interceptions (two returned for touchdowns) Sunday.  How's that respect treating you now that you're 6-5, Peyton?

    The Bears know what they need to do. It's not to be glamorous. It's defense. It's special teams.  It's taking a weak offense and playing smart enough not to lose.  At the end of the year, the Bears probably won't have a single Pro Bowler on offense.  But that doesn't matter right now.  What matters is winning, no matter the opponent.  And the Bears are making that happen.

    The NFL is filled with players, coaches and owners who rack up statues and records but leave the game with bare fingers.  But when you take the measure of a football player, rings matter more than any individual achievement.  And you don't win rings by caring how your team looks.  The 2000 Ravens looked ugly as sin, but they won.  That's all that matters.

    If you jumped into a shark tank wearing a stupid hat, would the shark care?  No.  The shark would not give a (bleep).  The shark wants to eat you.  It doesn't matter what you're wearing, how rich you are or if you have a Justin Bieber haircut.  That shark sees you as meat.  Everything else is irrelevant.  And if the Bears are ignoring every distraction to focus on their singular goal, that makes them a very dangerous team indeed.

    Brian Urlacher doesn't give a (bleep).  And that should scare the (bleep) out of the rest of the NFL.