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Why the Undisciplined Devin Hester Needs to Grow Up



    Devin Hester, you are ridiculous.

    Sometimes that means you will break loose for electrifying, game-changing touchdowns, or make impossible catches. That ability you possess to completely turn a game on one play has made you a popular player, as fans and special teams coordinators alike are on edge when you're in the backfield.

    But that ridiculous ability also makes you a target. Teams know what you can do, so they try to get inside your head. Teams like the Green Bay Packers, who have played the Bears three times in nine months and know you better than you know yourself.

    That's why they know that you're going to get upset when they commit blatant pass interference penalties. They know that you're then going to be a mess, drop passes and mess up your routes. They know that you'll get jumpy and commit a false start penalty. They know you're going to get angry and retaliate when they get too physical, which then ends up costing the team 15 yards.

    They dangled the bait, and you took it on every opportunity.

    Want to stay a player who is known for flashes of brilliance, but never could be trusted to consistently make the big plays? Then stay undisciplined. Let things like "getting manhandled" bother you. Worry about referees' calls more than the next route you are expected to run.

    Devin, you are six seasons into your career. That means you are seasoned enough to know better than to let opponents inside your head. 20 yards in penalties on a wideout?

    That is simply ridiculous.