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Tough Love for Knox and Hester



    The Bears receivers had a tough game against the Saints. Roy Williams didn't play because of a groin injury, Earl Bennett was knocked out early with a chest injury, and Devin Hester and Johnny Knox made three catches -- combined.

    But receivers coach Darryl Drake would like you to ease up on his players.

    "We've got what we've got, and people need to embrace what we've got and stop (whining) about it," he said. "Things are not going to change, so why talk about them? If you're a true Bears fan why beat them up? They're ours. Let's embrace them so they know we love them and they'll continue to play to the best of their abilities. Complain about them at the end of the year. But right now, don't complain." 

    Perhaps Drake is right. We just need to use a wide-angle lens on the Bears receivers, tell them we love them and wait to judge until the season is over. And after we show the Bears receivers love, we'll be sure to give them orange slices, juice boxes, and invitations to our birthday party at Monkey Island. 

    It's not odd for Drake to protect his players, as he nearly ran over a group of reporters  with a golf cart in Bourbonnais when a story was published that Knox had asked for a trade after losing his starting spot (OK, it was just me, and maybe I need to improve my reflexes). But does he really think fans should be satisfied with Sunday's performance? 

    The truth is that the Chicagoans love the Bears, and they're just showing the Bears receivers tough love. Though Williams will likely be back Sunday, Earl Bennett is likely out for the game. The Bears will be facing the Super Bowl champs. Though safety Nick Collins is out for the season, the rest of the Packers secondary will apply the same kind of pressure that the Saints did. 

    A true fan expects more out of the team they love, so Bears fans hope to see that Knox and Hester show that they can deal with the Packers defense to the best of their abilities. It's just some tough love, Coach Drake.