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Time to Lock It Up With a Win



    The time for fun and games is over.

    With a win tonight, the Bears win the NFC North.  That means a home playoff game.  The potential for a bye.  These games pave the road to the Super Bowl.  This is no time to screw around.

    Tonight, the entire country will watch our Bears go up against a third-string QB named something-I'm-too-busy-too-look-up.  They'll play a dome team on a frozen college field.  If this isn't a recipe for a blowout, I don't know what is.

    We need a blowout.  After last week's total spanking by the Patriots, the Bears need a statement win.  Pimp-slapping the Vikings before a national audience could restore some of the fear factor we lost last week.  While most teams come to play in the postseason, you also see teams fold in the face of a "superior" opponent.  If the Bears can psyche teams out before they come to Soldier Field, victory will be even easier.

    Can you think of a single reason the Bears could lose tonight?  Short of a meteor strike, the Bears should walk away with this game by double digits.

    While the Bears prepare for battle, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is busy tweeting about the frozen field's danger to his precious punter head.  For that, he deserves to have his noggin bounced off the turf.  Let's do it.  When the game is well in hand, let's have Lance Briggs specifically hunt down Chris Kluwe and dribble his face off the grass like a Globetrotter.  Accept the penalty and the fine.  This is time to establish a rep.

    The Packers have done us a favor by dropping a pair of games.  Now the Bears must step up and play like the dominant team they hope to be.

    It's impossible to even envision a loss.  Let's think happy thoughts and watch this frigid game from the warmth of our couches.  A good ol' fashioned Vike-stomping would make a lovely early Christmas gift.