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Then and Now: Bears vs. Vikings



    Though it's been just over a month since the Bears beat the Vikings, so much has changed in that time.

    Then: The Vikings were in the middle of a coaching controversy. Brad Childress had lost the confidence of his players after trading for then hastily cutting Randy Moss.

    Now: A week later, Childress was fired. The Vikings are now coached by former Bear Leslie Frazier.

    Then: Brett Favre was in the midst of the NFL's longest consecutive games-played streak.

    Now: Favre ended the streak before Monday night's loss to the Giants. Look! You can even buy a $500 football to commemorate the old man hanging on too long.

    Then: The Bears were 5-3, and needed the win to keep playoff hopes alive.

    Now: A win in Minnesota is just as crucial, as the Bears can clinch a playoff berth and the NFC championship with a win and a Green Bay loss. 

    Then: Adrian Peterson was one of the NFL's top running backs, sitting in second place for the most yards gained.

    Now: After gaining just 51 yards against the Bears, Peterson's year has taken a downturn. Save one 107-yard game against the cellar-dwelling Buffalo Bills, Peterson has been disappointing. He had a career-low 26 yards against the Giants.

    Then: Superstar sackman Jared Allen was slumping, with only 3.5 sacks.

    Now: Allen is a late bloomer, as he sacked Jay Cutler twice, and has had one sack in every game since, giving him 10 sacks on the season.

    The Metrodome had an intact roof, and though not the best field in the NFL, it was appropriate for a professional football game.

    Now:Ummm ...