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The Big Number: 71



    71-- The number of times a member of the Chicago Bears current coaching staff has acted as a head coach in a game involving the Detroit Lions

    Mike Martz (who coached the St. Louis Rams) = 1
    Rod Marinelli (who coached the Detroit Lions) = 48
    Mike Tice (former coach of the Minnesota Vikings) = 10
    Lovie Smith = 12

    Lovie Smith has heavy hitters on his coaching staff this season. Three of his coaches have head coaching experience, and that includes considerable experience with Sunday's foe, the Detroit Lions. 

    Their experience is exactly what Smith is hoping will right the ship for the Bears. In the past three seasons, the team has been the picture of mediocrity, and Smith knows that he needs to change that. 

    With all three coaches, he is bolstered by their experience with the NFL. Marinelli and Tice both understand the unique pressures of the NFC North, while Martz brings in an offense that is suited to the Bears franchise quarterback, Jay Cutler.