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The Big Number: 18,067



    18,067 -- price difference between the top Bears ticket at Cowboys Stadium and the much more expensive top ticket for when the Packers play in Dallas

    People of Dallas, what is wrong with you?

    Your most deep-pocketed attendees are willing to pay $27,067 to see Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, but the value of the most expensive Bears vs. Cowboys ticket is only $9,000? Apparently, you don't know the value of the Bears. For the mere pittance of $9,000, you can see:

    • Jay Cutler sulking!
    • Kristin Cavallari in a pink No. 6 jersey! Maybe!
    • Julius Peppers beating up on Tony Romo!

    Pay $27K for the Packers ticket, and you won't get any of that fun. All you'll get is Rodgers disappointing his Fantasy Football owners. The opulent stadium won't be any more opulent. The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders won't dance any better. The obscenely large TV won't be any more obscenely large.

    Plus, you'll have to spend the day looking at the Packers.