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The Big (Little) Number: 1



    1  One football game to win.

    The whole season comes down to Sunday -- one game against the Bears most-hated rivals for a chance to play in the Super Bowl, but with that one win, the Bears could accomplish so much for the franchise.

    A win would:

    • give the Bears a winning post-season record, making it 19-18.
    • make it the 3rd Super Bowl appearance for the Bears.
    • put the Bears in their 12th championship game.
    • widen the gap between the Bears and Packers. Chicago currently leads the all-time series at 91-83-5.
    • keep Jay Cutlerundefeated in the playoffs.
    • make Lovie Smith's playoff record 4-2.
    • give Olin Kreutz and Brian Urlacher a winning playoff record. They currently stand at 3-3.
    • give the Bears an even record since Mayor Daley took office. His record is 5-6.
    •  keep the Bears undefeated in the playoffs since the Bears-Fan-in-Chief, President Obama, took office.

    All of these can be possible if the Bears play at the highest level for 60 minutes. If Jay Cutler maintains his calm under pressure, if Julius Peppers sacks with abandon, if Devin Hester breaks free for a return, if Johnny Knox catches a long bomb, if Lovie Smith calls a smart game, the Bears can reach the Super Bowl.