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The Big Number: 0



    0 -- the amount of interceptions thrown by Michael Vick

    Michael Vick has the NFL's best quarterback rating, but that's far from his most impressive statistic. Over seven games, he has passed the ball 191 times and not once has he thrown an interception.

    How rare is that? Every other top 10 QB has thrown at least three. Philip Rivers, who has the second best QB rating, has thrown nine. Other NFL stars aren't immune to the INT. Eli Manning has 16. Aaron Rodgers has nine. Drew Brees has 14. Usually, when a quarterback takes the risks to make great plays, he also will make big mistakes. That's why Brett Favre is the NFL's all-time leader in both touchdown passes and interceptions.

    But that's not so with Vick. It's a testament to both him and his top receivers like Jeremy Maclin that the ball always ends up in the hand of an Eagle. It also shows what a challenge the Bears secondary will face on Sunday. Julius Peppers will have his work cut out for him in getting his hands on Vick, but Charles Tillman and D.J. Moore will also face a tough job in trying to stop Maclin and Co.