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The Big Number: - 15



    The Big Number: - 15 Degrees

    Chicago is in for some hectic weather this weekend when swirling winds, snow and freezing temperatures move in to Soldier Field. But will it be among the worst weather in Bears history.

    The worst windchill the Bears have played in was negative 15 against the Packers in 1983, a game the Bears won 23-21 on the back of impressive performances by Walter Payton and Jim McMahon.

    Many of the current Bears played in the second-worst wind chill temps in 2008. In that game, the Bears kept their playoff hopes alive by beating the Packers in overtime. With a -13 wind chill, Matt Forte scored a late touchdown to tie up the game, and Robbie Gould kicked the game winner.

    That experience will come in handy during Sunday's game against the Patriots, as the weather is sure to factor in the game. With a high of just 24 degrees and a forecast of windy, snowy conditions, the team who can handle the weather better will win.

    The shoddy field conditions will only be worsened if it snows. Of the Bears top ten games with the coldest wind chill since 1960, three have been coached by Lovie Smith so his familiarity with the peculiarities of Soldier Field may turn out to be helpful.