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Bye Week Awards: The Offense



    Bye Week Awards: The Offense
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    Jay Cutler

    The scheduling powers-that-be mercifully decided to give the Bears a bye (almost) halfway through the season. With (almost) half the season gone, Grizzly Detail hands out the (Almost) Half-Season Awards. First up, the offense.

    The Burro Award for Stubbornness goes to ... offensive coordinator Mike Martz!
    Yes, the man who has refused to change the Bears pass-heavy game plan in the face of his quarterback getting beat up every game, and running backs Matt Forte and Chester Taylor showing that they can be successful on the ground earns this dubious distinction. But as digs his heels in, he seems more likely to lead the Bears over a cliff than the promised land.

    Mr. Consistency Award goes to ... Johnny Knox! If there's one thing that Bears fans can count on, week after week, it's that Knox will haul in a pass for big yardage. He's had at least one 25-yard or more catch in every game except the Bears win over Carolina, which Jay Cutler sat out with a concussion. Knox's big catches are like death, taxes and back-to-back political smear ads during the game. You can count on them being there.

    The Cloak of Invisibility Award goes to ... Devin Aromashodu! After a scorching pre-season, Aromashodu disappeared from the Bears gameplans. That could be blamed on his drops during the first game of season, but other than that, his disappearance has gone largely unexplained. John Walsh will soon be on the case.

    The TMZ Award goes to ... Jay Cutler!
    Cutler hasn't had the best of seasons -- 27 sacks, seven interceptions and a concussion. But at least his personal life is working out. Cutler is dating Kristin Cavallari, a reality TV star. But Cutler beware! The last winner of this award given to the player that is most discussed by MTV fans was Tony Romo. Lately, he's not the man Cutler should want to emulate.

    Check back tomorrow for defensive awards.