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Thank You for Healing Cutler, Kristin



    Thank You for Healing Cutler, Kristin
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    Kristin Cavallari

    Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari continued to nurture their budding romance Monday night, returning to Joe's Stone Crab for dinner.

    Also on Monday, Cutler visited doctors to get cleared to play for this Sunday's game against the Seahawks. He was cleared to play, and the Bears announced on Wednesday that he would start Sunday.

    Last week, no Kristin sightings, and Cutler had to sit out of the Panthers game because of a concussion. This week, dinner at their favorite spot, and he's back to full-strength. Is it a coincidence that JayCav spends time together and then Cutler is healed? We think not.

    In fact, Bears fans owe a large debt to Ms. Cavallari. Due to her healing force, the Bears will have their leader back. They will have someone who can hit his receivers, throw long passes, and in general, not be Todd Collins. Thank you, Kristin. Chicago owes you a great big deep dish pizza for bringing back our QB.