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Staying Busy Through a Long Off-Season



    Bears fans, the off-season is already a vast wasteland of no football, but that wasteland became vaster when the players and owners got into a squabble that threatens football as we know it, and means we don't have off-season workouts or free agency to discuss. How do we get through it? Grizzly Detail will you get through the dark times.

    -- Begin your off-season project: A recreation of the Bears win over the Seahawks at Soldier Field in nothing but Legos. Detail counts, so don't forget to include a smiling Jay Cutler, a sad Matt Hasselbeck, Jim Cornelison singing the national anthem, and Bear Man, the Bears fan.

    -- Spring clean your Bears wardrobe. Take stock of all your Bears items. When was the last time you wore the "Wannstache Is The Way" t-shirt? What about the Curtis Enis jersey? Exactly. Give those items to charity, and free up some closet space for Super Bowl XLVI gear. (Fingers crossed!)

    -- Exercise your mind while learning the Bears roster. Spell it out: Manumaleuna. Idonije. Iwuh. Omiyale. Next turn, the players names into a crossword puzzle. Don't have time? What are you doing, watching basketball or something? Pshaw.

    -- The owners and players need an incentive to get back to the negotiating table, so try convincing them through the magic of song. Grab a group of buddies and recreate this War classic just for Roger Goodell, DeMaurice Smith and the gang. Shoot a video, put it on Youtube, become a viral sensation, and end the lockout. Done and done.

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